Cindy- Returning attendee!


I've attended two functions hosted by Calibered Events, the Ladies Shotgun "Salon" and the Guys & Gals-Gun Fun Getaway and have enjoyed them immensely. The sense of empowerment and confidence I continue to come away with is invaluable.
Calibered Events provides their guests with World Class and National Shooters whom many are sponsored by some of the biggest Industry names out there...Smith & Wesson, Beretta and FNH-USA to name a few. I have a deep respect for each and am amazed at how many "new habits" these instructors instill in their students.
I've had the pleasure to shoot the Beretta XPLOR 400 with Kick-Off  and must say I'm more comfortable shooting this shotgun than my own. It is light and has little to no recoil. I feel confident knowing before I say "pull" I'll hit everything that comes my way...what a great confidence builder!  
Many of my girlfriends express excitement when I relay my shooting excursions and I always have willing participants eager to go.  Mixing "fun" non-shooting activites such as (zip-lining) with the shooting sports is icing on the cake! These events are perfect to share with spouses, friends and relatives, learning new shooting techniques from top-notch instructors, sharing camaraderie with like-minded individuals in beautiful areas of the United States...It doesn't get any better for me.

* " My husband is a very good shooter but a teacher he is not. We are both thankful for the outstanding instructors selected by Ann Marie Foster  that allow us to keep our marriage "happy, happy, happy!"

Cindy Fehring
Beach City, Texas

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